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Technology: .NET, C#, MS SQL, Xamarin

Industry: Logistic

Project summary

Altimi engineers are responsible for fully mobile terminal application development, and UX/UI design and are working with the customer team to develop the backend system.

Technology: Azure, ASP.NET Core, React Native

Industry: Business Services Company

Project summary

Altimi provided full-service development for many projects including DBaaS, general databases, virtual networks, and more. They used tools like Azure, ASP.NET Core, and React Native for the various projects.

Project summary

Working collaboratively with an in-house team, Altimi oversees front-end development for a web platform and assists with developing React Native mobile applications.

Project summary

Altimi provided mobile application development services, using React Native to refactor existing code and add new features to the front- and back-end of the app.

Technology: C++, Embedded Linux, iOS, Android

Industry: Entertainment

Project summary

The project's purpose was to design and develop a mobile device application for remote control of STB. The project included the design and implementation of the STB mechanism and Android application using the HTTP REST server.

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