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Complex Solutions for STB and IPTV


One of the largest software Developers for the set-top box market and IPTV solutions. The customer provides its own OS, an independent software platform for interactive TV, that is positioned to become a global standard.


  • Extension of an existing software stack by adding the video-on-demand functionality
  • Extension of existing UI by adding a set of screens related to PVR functionality 
  • Development of new native UI
  • Preparation of the architecture and implementation of the mechanisms responsible for gathering various information
  • Integration of customer’s middleware and application on a new platform and introduction to it to the existing ecosystem of STBs and operator’s infrastructure


  • Team leasing
  • Software development
  • A team of 24h experts with knowledge from several areas: DVB, IPTV, C++, Embedded Linux, and Multiscreen (iOS, Android, Smart TV).


  • Working properly with a user interface designed for STB family and large TV system
  • Designing and developing a mobile app for remote control of STB which enhances the comfort of use
  • Improved video user experience by enabling innovative, interactive services over broadcast and broadband networks
  • All solutions have been tested manually or automatically
  • Strengthening the market leader position