Who We Partner With

Technology and Business Consulting Companies

We augment your in-house expertise with a deep talent pool of Central and Eastern European programmers, enabling you to deliver high-quality client results.

Platform Companies
with SaaS Products 

Are you looking for implementation partners? We provide hands-on development and integration expertise to streamline the launch and success of your SaaS offerings.

Specialized Software 

Focus on your core market while we handle overflow or specialized IT needs. Together, we can offer a wider range of solutions to clients.

IT Outsourcing Companies

Expand your presence in Central and Eastern Europe by leveraging our established network and talent pool.

How We Solve Your Problems


Rapid Response, High-Quality Talent

We address spikes in demand for specific IT skills or project teams by providing pre-vetted, job-ready candidates. You get faster hiring times and top-tier talent.


Increased Tender & Frame Agreement Wins

Our vast resource pool strengthens your bids for both existing and future tenders and corporate frame agreements. This improves your chances of winning new business.


Accelerated Talent 

We streamline your HR team’s workload by identifying and vetting qualified candidates. This allows them to focus on onboarding and strategic initiatives.

The Altimi Advantage

Faster Communication & Response

We establish clear communication channels and provide advance notice of potential projects, ensuring a swift response to your needs.

Flexible Engagement

We offer project-based or short-term contracts, catering to your specific needs and avoiding long-term commitments.

Scalable Team Growth

We can start small and gradually build your team over time, ensuring a cost-effective approach to talent acquisition.

Understanding Complex Organizations

We have extensive experience working with matrix projects and product organizations, ensuring smooth collaboration.

Pre-Vetted Talent Pool

Our “warm pool” of candidates allows for immediate engagement, saving you valuable time and resources.

Streamlined Onboarding

Our familiarity with complex onboarding processes minimizes delays and costs associated with integrating new team members.

Alignment with Your Processes

We adapt to your existing software development (CI/CD/testing), information security, and cybersecurity protocols.

By partnering with Altimi, you gain a reliable and responsive extension of your team, accelerating your digital transformation and driving measurable business success.