Our commitment is fast response, top-quality, at a reasonable cost.

When partnering with us you benefit from:

  • Wide network of top tech talent from across CEE
  • Proficiency in software development 
  • Expertise in Cloud Solutions 
  • Flexible delivery methodologies
  • On average 30-40% reduction of costs

Projects & Solutions Delivery

We streamline the development of products in the digital domains or add digital dimensions to existing products, if needed utilizing cloud-native solutions to accelerate speed and quality of delivery.

Digital Product Development

  • Fast product prototyping and MVP building, accelerating the path to launching new products.
  • Web and Mobile Apps development with the best front-end technologies, to deliver user-friendly applications.

Self-service Platforms

  • Process automation and radical shift to self-services, applying new ways for serving customers, handling interactions with partners, vendors, and business customers

New IT Architectures & Integrations

  •  Staged Design and Implementation of Service-Oriented Architectures
  • Developing REST APIs to open up systems or integrate new components with legacy systems

Data Platforms

  • Utilizing cloud-native data tools to provide robust data solutions 
  • Working on data engineering and building data pipelines for AI applications
  • Helping introduce a data-driven approach by data warehousing and seamless reporting

Cloud solutions implementations

  • Greenfield projects establishing cloud infrastructure
  • Designing cloud-native architectures
  • Migration of existing on-prem legacy systems to cloud-native services
  • Lift-and-shift to public cloud from existing local hosting centers

Cybersecurity & Specialized services

  • Cryptography applications, treat detection scanning, applying protocols for decoding/encoding
  • Embedded systems design and implementation – e.g. mobile Android native development, set-top-box development, signal/video processing
  • Programming PLC controllers, creating visualizations for HMI panels, and extending the OCR vision systems

Models of cooperation


Our Product Design and Software Development departments, help to build a vision and roadmap for the product launch, design a target architecture, and plan delivery in an agile, incremental way.


  • Our Managed Development Team provides self-organizing development SCRUM teams managed by dedicated Project Managers. The team cooperates with the client’s Product Owner and Stakeholders to build a backlog, plan, and deliver functionalities as agreed.
  • Managed Service – Altimi provides a managed service e.g. taking care of high-availability and monitoring of applications running on cloud infrastructure on behalf of a customer in line with the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Altimi provides specialist engineers to extend our client’s existing team’s capability and capacity. The Project Manager ensures smooth cooperation and makes sure all goals and performance measures are in place.

Over 90% of customers trust us with next projects

Anna Blaski
Founder/ Find Your Buddy
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„The Altimi team produced excellent quality code, adding good features and improving the application in its new version. They were friendly, helpful, and reliable, managing the work effectively without being overbearing.”
Thorsteinn Gestsson
CEO/ Gestsson ehf.
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„The internal team is highly satisfied with their work. Knowledgeable and professional, Altimi goes above and beyond to meet all needs, while their ability to stay focused on their tasks and address any issues immediately made them a reliable partner.”
Hilmar Eidsson
Co-Founder & CTO/ Kara Connect
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„Altimi’s understanding and responsive approach to the partnership allows for seamless collaborations and accurate estimates regarding cost and timeline. The team takes responsibility for the standard of their work and continues to be receptive to criticism.”
Stephan Kaufmann
Founder & CEO/ RideLink GmbH
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“We recommend Altimi as a trusted partner whose advantage over competitors includes flexibility, quality, and understanding of our needs and those of our customers. We consider Altimi a recommendable Company and are highly satisfied with works completed together.”
Thomas Rüdel
CEO/ Kauz GmbH
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“During this time, Altimi provided a development team consisting of front-end developers, testers, administrators, and DevOps, during our cooperation Altimi provided a total of 8 developers. Together we developed our main project. We are very pleased with the work we have done together and recommend Altimi as a trusted partner. ”

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