Comprehensive cloud solutions

Designing and staged implementation of Service-Oriented Architectures 

Developing REST APIs to open up systems or integrate new components with legacy systems 

Cloud solutions implementations

  • Greenfield projects establishing cloud infrastructure
  • Designing cloud-native architectures
  • Migration of existing on-prem legacy systems to cloud-native services
  • Lift-and-shift to public cloud from existing local hosting centers

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At Altimi we are experienced in developing data platforms on-premise and in the cloud using the right technologies for data types, analytical needs, and business processes. 

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Speed, Agility, and Collaboration

We prioritize your goals, delivering rapid, high-quality results through our commitment to speed, agility, and seamless integration with your team.


Expert Support 

Our customer-first strategy ensures that we streamline the development of new digital products and enhance existing ones using cloud-native solutions. Whether you need fast product prototyping, robust data platforms, advanced IT architectures, or specialized cybersecurity services, Altimi offers hands-on expertise and support.


Influential, future-proof, and secure digital products 

By leveraging proven technologies and adopting an agile approach, we deliver successful projects with tangible results, driving your digital transformation and ensuring your business success.

Our tech stack and capabilities

Our team has several dozen certificates for working with hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. We take pride in our depth of knowledge and have worked hard to acquire certifications in specialized areas of AWS, MS Azure, GCP, or Kubernetes.

Models of cooperation

3 models of cooperation with our software development company. 


With our Product Design and Software Development departments, we assist our clients in building a vision and roadmap for the product. We help design the target architecture and set the stage to deliver it in an agile, incremental way.


  • Managed Development Team – Altimi provides self-organizing development SCRUM teams with Project Managers. The team cooperates with the client’s Product Owner and Stakeholders to build a backlog, plan, and deliver functionalities as agreed.

  • Managed Service  – Altimi provides a managed service coordinated by a dedicated Service Manager, ensuring high availability and monitoring of applications running on cloud infrastructure on behalf of the customer, in line with the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Altimi provides engineers to extend our client’s existing teams’ capabilities and capacities. We cover most of the leading frontend and backend, data and cloud technologies used in modern business application development – technologies we cover. The Project Manager ensures smooth cooperation and makes sure all goals and performance measures are in place. 

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We’ve already delivered for many industries: fintech, energy, transportation, logistics, healthcare, and e-commerce.